Gently-Used Resources

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  • Books of Sacred Readings
  • Large-print hymnbooks especially for seniors
  • Unusual hymnbooks - great resources
  • Christian song/hymn booklets which were widely used in the 70's - by adults who are now in their 70's.
  • CD's of Sacred Music that I have used before, during, and after Services for Christian traditions.
  • There is only one copy of each.  I'll update the list daily.


Designing a Ministry By, With, and For Older Adults by Richard H. Gentzler, Jr.  D. Min.   A Manual of wisdom and practical advice.  Softcover 8½  x 11"  58 pp.  New.  $4.

Senior Adult Ministry at the Local Church Level by Ben Morgan.  130+ pages from years of experience to help others avoid reinventing the wheel.  A broad approach to developing a wide range of activities.  Softcover.  8½ x11"  Spiral binding.   New.  $5

Ministry to Persons with Chronic Illnesses.  A guide to empowerment through negotiation.  by John T. Vanderzee.  A book for Christian leaders who recognize the differences in serving those with acute, passing illness and those faced with chronic and long-term illness.  Paperback.  128 pp.  Augsburg.  $1.

Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century - An Inquiry Approach.  By Richard H. Gentzler, Jr.   A classic for all who serve elders in churches and elsewhere.  Paperback.  141 pp.  Like new  $5.

Musicians in Health and Social Services: A Manual for Planning and Action by Dawn Wooderson.  Extending Horizons, Increasing Communication, Building Bridges.  32-page Professional Development Manual for Life Enrichment Coordinators and Musicians.  New.  $5 

Daily Light from the New American Standard Bible.  Moody Press.  Half-page readings with numerous Scripture references for each day of the calendar year. Hardcover.  $1 - well used.

Handbook to Prayer - Praying Scripture Back to God by Kenneth Boa.  1993.  Daily meditations for about 90 supplements.  Each day presents topics:  Adoration, Confession, Renewal, Petition, Intercession, Affirmation, Thanksgiving,   Closing Prayer.   Leather binding.  476 pages.  Like new.  $6

Devotional Classics - Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups based on 52 Christian devotional classics from writers CE331 to 1935.  Harper, 1993.  Ed by Richard J. Foster and James Bryan Smith.  Paperback. 344 pp.  Like new.  $5.

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  Devotions for Every Day of the Year.  Each short reading is a paraphrase of Scripture verses ideal for use in services or personal meditation.  Hard cover  6 x 4".  Like New  $4

The Minor Prophets Paraphrased with Daniel and the The Revelation.  Tyndale, 1965.  Hardcover. 232 pp.  $3

The Gospel of Thomas - a book of sayings and wisdom of Jesus compiled as early or earlier than the New Testament gospels.  By Ron Miller.  Paperback  130 pp.  $2.

Religion in America by Bedell, Sandon, and Wellborn.  1975  This textbook gives readers an unusual historical perspective by including 69 reprints of documents covering our rich and diverse history of State and Religion.  Hardcover.  9½ x 6".  $2

The Message.  The New Testament in contemporary language by Eugene H. Peterson.  Paperback.  Like New.  $5

Perspectives of Faith and Christian Nurture by Everding, Wilcox, Huffaker, and Snelling.  Trinity Press, 1998.  An excellent book for leaders who wish to broaden their perspectives,  Great study guide.  Softcover 6x9"  178 pp.  Like New.  $2

What I Wish My Christian Friends Knew about Judaism by Robert Schoen.  Well written, easy to read, and well organized.  An excellent reasource.   Paperback. 276 pp.  Like new $5

Heritage Hymnal - Heart-Warming Favorites.  Large-print.  A hymnal for seniors.  Clear, bold printing for 135 hymns and gospel songs.  Genovox.  9x12"  Paperback.  No guitar chords.  Like new  $5.

The Golden Hymnbook.  Lillenas, 1975  Large-print music/text notation in standard hymnbook style.  143 songs with 11 for Christmas.  Paperback.  Good paper, spiral binding.  12x9"   $13

Hymns We Love to Sing.  Wood Lake Books, 1995.  Large-print texts for 111 favorite hymns and gospel songs.  Includes hymn meters.  Paperback.  Spiral binding.  8½ x 6"   $8

Large Print Book of Worship.  Chaplain Duane Manson, 1993.  Hymns, Liturgies, and Psalms.  307 pages of large-print texts.  Paperback.  Spiral binding.  9x6"  $8

Large Print Book of Worship II.  Chaplain Duane Manson, 1997.  Hymns, Liturgies, Psalms, Bible Stories.  205 uncluttered pages in extra-large print and notes for use with dementia patients.  An excellent and unique resource!   Paperback.  Spiral binding.  8½ x 5½"   $5

Our Growing Years - A Hymnal.  GIA, 1998.  Melody edition.  367 Canticles, Prayers, Psalms, and a rich selection of hymns with all the indices of a standard hymnal.  Hardback.  Bold, medium-size print.  9½x7"  $10

Song and Service Book for Ship and Field - Army and Navy, 1942.  This historical treasure includes Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish sections with texts for Services, Readings, Hymns and Songs, Military prayers.  Small print version in standard hymnbook style music notation.  

Hardback.  7x5"  $4

Union Hymnal:  Songs and Prayers for Jewish Worship.  Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1953.  346 pages of songs in traditional hymn format and size.  135 pages of Services for the Religious School (with music notation.  Hardback.  8½x6"   $4

The Church Hymnal.  Pathway Music, 1951.  409 pages of shape-note notation and texts for hymns and gospel songs in the Southern Gospel traditions.  Hardback.  Standard hymn format and print size.  9x6"   $4

Redemption Hymnal.  Elim London, 1955.  A unique collection of 800 hymns and gospel songs printed on very fine paper and bound in leather.   Music notation and text for first verse, followed by other verses written in poetry format below the notation.  Soft leather binding.  8½x5½x1"    $5

Ultimate Christmas Music Companion Fact Book by Dale Nobbman  150 pages of stories and facts of sacred and secular Christmas carols and songs with over 50 lyrics.   No music notation.  Paperback   NEW Suggested retail $24.95.  Your Cost $12.  

America's 200 Favorite Praise Choruses and Hymns.  Brentwood, 1995.  This spiral bound book of 272 pages presents a wonderful selection of the newer music in the Protestant traditions with guitar chords.  Standard hymnbook format and print size.  Paperback.  9x5½"   $8

100 Hymns and 100 Choruses.  Maranatha, 1987.   Another wonderful volume which combines the new and the old favorites of the Christian traditions.  Guitar chords.  Standard hymnbook format and print size.  Paperback.  Spiral binding.  8x5½"   $8

100 EZ Praise & Worship Favorites.  Word, 1999.  Looking for some of the newer songs that your parishioners remember?  This is a great book with E-Z piano accompaniments and guitar chords.  The 12 x 9 inch book provides the space for clear notation and texts.  Ideal for medium voice range.  Paperback.  $7   

Small Paperback Songbooks which include the "new" songs of the 70's and more.  Jewels!   Only  $1 or $2 each  . . .

Let's Just Praise the Lord   Benson, 1974.  Written and compiled by Bill & Gloria Gaither.  96 songs in standard hymn format with guitar chords.  Paperback.  8½ x5"   $2

Folk Encounter - The NOW hymnal.  Hope, 1973.  121 songs in standard hymn format with guitar chords.  Paperback.  Spiral binding.  8x5½"  $2

Reasons to Sing.  Lillenas, 1971    62 songs in standard hymn format with guitar chords.  Paperback.  9x5"  $2

Creation Sings.  Geneva Press, 1979   55 songs in standard hymn format.  (No guitar chords).  Paperback.  7½ x5"  $1

Faith Renewed.  Hope, 1995.  33 hymn texts, most with full notation, by the famous contemporary English hymn writer, Brian Wren.  This autographed copy is a gem.  I have read many verses in my Sacred Music and Sacred Readings services in long term care.  Some melodies are familiar.  Paperback.  7½ x5"  $2

Songbook for Saints and Sinners.  Agape, 1971.  Compiled by Carlton R. Young.  This pocket book of 70 songs shows the melody, text, and guitar chords.  Paperback.  7x4"  $1

Sing and Celebrate!  Word, 1971.  Compiled by Kurt Kaiser, Sonny Salsbury, and Billy Ray Hearn.  92 songs with full notation and guitar chords.  Paperback.  8x5"  $2

Singing Our Lives is not a song book even though it includes song texts and some music notation.  It is an illustrated book of essays by ministers and scholars which was published in Baylor University's "Christian Reflection" series, 2006   Paperback.  93 pages.  $1 

Sacred Music CD bargains - Used or new, all in excellent condition, in hard containers, and with inserts.

CD: George Beverly Shea - Tender Moments Vol 1: Echoes of My Soul.  Arr. by Kurt Kaiser.  18 familiar songs that the beloved Bev Shea sang during his long career in Christian music.   $2

CD: Bill O'Brien - Strength for Today, Bright Hope for Tomorrow.  A quiet and warm tenor voice with Kurt Kaiser on piano.  Of the 13 solos, 5 are very familiar.  I've used other solos for special moments before, during, and after services.  $1

CD:  Hymns Triumphant Vol 2.  Through the 33 favorite traditional hymns grouped in 14 themed sections, you'll find quiet moments and music to raise the rafters.  Full choir and orchestra.  One of my all-time favorites.  $4

CD:  O Brother, where are Thou?  I bought this well-known CD for Down to the River to Pray, I'llFly Away, and Lonesome Valley, and then enjoyed You Are My Sunshine, and other cuts, too.  Interesting traditional American sound.  $2

2 CD set: Anne Murray - What a Wonderful World.  26 Inspirational Classics on 2 CD's.   I've used "Lord, I hope this day is good", "It is no secret", "Bridge over Troubled Waters", "The Lord's Prayer", "Peace in the Valley" and many more, many times!   $3 - 2 CD set.

NEW CDs - Mormon Tabernacle Choir - The Majesty of America.  A must-have 2-CD set of 28 songs for all the "American" celebrations.  Patriotic, Folk, Military, and Sacred favorites.  Choir and orchestra.  I have 3 NEW sets left.  $8 each.

CD: Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Come, Thou Found of Every Blessing and 16 more American Folk Hymns and Spirituals.  Yes, this is the familiar wonderful arrangement of "Come, Thou Fount".   Other favorites include "I want Jesus to Walk with Me", "Down to the River to Pray", "Bound for the Promised Land", and "Amazing Grace".   $4

CD: Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Heavensong - Music of Contemplation and Light.  A great selection of 15 hymn arrangements and classical pieces for many occasions. Insert booklet includes texts and narrative.  Gorgeous!  $4

CD:  Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Rock of Ages.  30 great hymns with the choir, organ, and orchestra - 21 of these favorites are known by Christians of all traditions.  $4.

CD: 32 Great Hymns of the Faith.  London Festival Orchestra and choir.  Produced by Billy Ray Hearn and Ron Huff.  Just put it on and let it play for any occasion. I liked having familiar songs that are not on many other CD's - such as "Morning has Broken", "The God of Abraham Praise", "The Lord Bless You and Keep You", some Thanksgiving hymns and many more.  $3

CD: Sacred Classics by Bach, Faure, Franck, Handel, Mozart, Verdi, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn, Berlioz, Elgar, and Rossini.  EMI  Choir and orchestra.  2-CD set.  Need to play the "Hallelujah Chorus"?   $5.

CD: A Conversation with God.  Pianist Christopher Phillips presents 30 all-time favorite hymns in an unbroken stream of peaceful music.  This is a must-have for all in Christian ministries.  His arrangements complement the texts, are very musical and interesting, and have harmonies that vary widely through the hour.  Peace!  $4

CD:  Just As I Am by David Osborne.  An hour of quiet meditation through 16 gorgeous piano arrangements by the gifted pianist including On Eagles Wings, Thy Word, Pass It On, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, In the Garden.  $4

CD: Kurt Kaiser's The Lost Art of Listening.  Another lovely CD of peaceful piano music.  20 cuts of familiar and improvised music to calm the soul.  

$1 used.  $4 new.

CD:  Saxophone in the Sanctuary by James Steele with Kurt Kaiser on piano presents a wide range of styles - classical, folk, gospel, and hymns.  I used this music often before services in the LTC; the parishioners enjoyed the smooth and calming sound of these superb musicians.  $4

CD:  Kurt Kaiser's A Wintry Night.  20 Christmas Carols old and new in the late Kurt Kaiser's unique piano style.  $2

CD:  Kurt Kaiser's Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs.  When I heard this music for the first time, I knew that I wanted Kurt to accompany the choir for the Songs of Faith recordings.  A lovely selection of music for quiet reflection.  $1  

CD:  Amazing Grace - Elegant Themes for the Violin.  Michael W. Davis, Violin, and Kurt Kaiser, Piano.  16 cuts presenting a wide variety of sacred and peaceful music for many occasions.  NEW  $3

CD:  Keyboard Legends.  Fred Bock, Kurt Kaisers, Max Lyall, and Don Wyrtzen each play 4 solos on this unique CD by renowned pianists.  $2

CD: Wade in the Water.  Smithsonian Folkways.  African American Sacred Music Traditions.  Set of 4 CDs:  The Concert Tradition, The Pioneering Composers, Congregational Singing, Community Gospel.  Almost new $25  (current Smithsonian price is $50)

CD:  Mile Hi Live 7 from Mile Hi Church in Lakewood CO.  These 17 cuts and 17 artists present a wide variety of music from a liberal church with a very fine music program.  $1