Songs of Faith


Mix and match the books and CD's to suit your needs. Buy single copies or quantities.

 Songs of Faith offers . . . 

  • 4 companion large-print hymnbooks - Melody edition, Accompaniment/Choral edition, Extra-large print Words1 and Words2
  • 2 choir and piano CD's for singing along and for listening.


Songs of Faith is . . . 

  • for people who prefer light-weight, large print hymn books - anywhere, anytime
  • for musicians who need the lower keys, guitar chords, and large print
  • for older adults in home-care, retirement communities, senior community centers, assisted-living homes, nursing facilities, Alzheimer's care, hospice, hospitals, and adult care centers
  • two choral/piano CDs favorite hymns and gospels songs, presented in lower keys  and at tempos suitable for listening and for singing along
  • for sing-alongs, choral groups, chapel services, car and bus trips, private meditation, piano, keyboard, and guitar lessons, Sunday School classes, and senior adult fellowships
  • a large-print supplement to your hymnbook.  
  • for intergenerational music programs - for children and youth and adults of all ages
  • for Reminiscence Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Music Therapy sessions.