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During this time of crisis, we have slashed Songs of Faith prices to help you serve the seniors in your care.

Songs of Faith Prices

Minimum $20 order

CD1 and CD2 - $5 each 

Words1 and Words2 - $2.25 each

Melody Edition - $7 each

Accompaniment Book - $9 each

These prices will continue 

until Oct 1, 2020.

Songs of Faith large-print hymnbooks and sing-along CDs for seniors. Lower keys. Guitar chords.

Songs of Faith large-print hymnbooks and sing-along CDs. Words1, Words2, Melody edition, Accompaniment/Choral edition, and CDs 1 and 2. Ideal for Senior Adults in all situations. See our 2020 discounts for bulk purchases.

Gently-Used Books of Sacred Readings, Hymnbooks, Song booklets, and CD's of sacred music - and some NEW markedly reduced CD's!

I am making my much-loved resources available to others as I switch to a slower gear due to health issues.  All resources are in new or excellent condition and priced to save your funds. 

Activity Resources for Life Enrichment in Senior Care in Communities or At Home.

After 33+ years of working directly with seniors, I have a few favorite resources that I've raved about at Professional Development sessions and exhibits.

Save $$$ with these new and used books, music for piano, guitar, voice, organ, cards, and manuals and CD's and DVR's.


Sacred Schulwerk: Orff for All Ages. An Intergenerational approach for churches, private schools, music camps, and all sacred spaces.

Guitar Ensembles for Beginners of all ages by Nancy Marsters and Dawn Wooderson.

25 Guitar Ensembles for Beginners of all Ages by Nancy Marsters and Dawn Wooderson.

 Interesting selection of new pieces and arrangements of folk and traditional songs.  Ideal for teaching and performance. CDs available.  A second book with Leo Welch and Romana Hartmetz has 18 pieces.  Over 20,000 copies in use in schools, colleges, and private studios. 

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Dawn C. Wooderson, Ph.D. Owner WoodSong, Author, Teacher, Consultant, Musician.

Professional Development Classes for Care-Givers and Musicians

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Essays and research on a wide range of topics related to music and senior adults and their care-givers.   This section under construction!

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