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Songs & Colors


Songs and Colors

Discussion Guide, Song Sheet, Trivia Page with Answers©

by Dawn C. Wooderson, Ph.D.          Permission to copy for personal use is granted.

RDT:     Treasury of Best Loved Songs.  Readers Digest

ATFS:   All-Time Favorite Songbook. Warner

BSE:    Best Songs Ever.  Hal Leonard

HD:      Happy Days are Here Again.  Warner

LP:       Life of the Party.  Belwin

RYH:    Remembering Yesterdays Hits.  Readers Digest

MS:      Movie Showstoppers.  Columbia

FK:       Ultimate Fake Book 1.  Hal Leonard


Other useful songbooks:

Family Songbook   Readers Digest

Family songbook of Faith and Joy   Readers Digest

Treasury of Standards  Ultimate Series, Hal Leonard



Red Roses for a Blue Lady   RDT 98

A peace offering for an unhappy lady after a quarrel – with a white orchid following if all goes well. 

Gifts of flowers function in many ways – to express affection, thanks, apologies, celebration, and ________.  Why? 

What flowers would you like to receive?



The Pink Panther  MS   353

A distinctive sound that conjures up memories of many “pink panther” scenes.  Why pink?


Little White Lies   RYH 100

A great Guy Lombardo hit about a truly dishonest relationship.  Ah, how often we’re misled. 

Why are some lies “little” and “white”? 


The Old Gray Mare   FK  421

“She ain’t what she used to be!”   Ever feel that way?  (song sheet)


Little Brown Jug  LP 51

Making the most of a simple life . . . with help from the jug.  Why is the jug brown?  (song sheet)



Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue   RDT, 122

A period description of a lively woman of limited style who knew how to get her guy. 

Would “eyes of green” work just as well?  What other words rhyme with “two” and “blue”?


Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair   ATFS  49

The poem is a simple description of light-hearted maiden who is the subject of someone’s imagination. 

The beauty of this song is in Stephen Foster’s flowing melody and the voices of Irish tenors who loved to sing it.


The Yellow Rose of Texas   FK  655

This is a let-me-tell-you-about-my-love-life song that describes details that take us there. 

Imagine illustrating the scene as a cover for the sheet music.  What would you include in the picture?

Peace roses are yellow; do you know others?  (song sheet)



Alice Blue Gown   RDT p 204

Alice Roosevelt Longworth’s favorite fashion color was light blue, a favorite color in 1919.  

Discuss memories of clothes of favorite colors.  “Till it wilted . .  .” 

Ever wear a piece of clothing until it wore out?  Did you wear wild and crazy colors during the psychedelic 1970’s?


Blue Suede Shoes   FK  63

You can do anything to me, but don’t mess with my fashion statement! 



My Blue Heaven   RDT, 136

A description of an evening walk to a cozy spot of sheer happiness. 

What colors describe your favorite spot?


The Green, Green Grass of Home

Is there anything that suggests home like running barefoot in the grass on the front lawn?



Red Sails in the Sunset   RDT  20

The red sails of small Italian boats around the island of Capri are carrying a sweetheart home safely. 

Relate this situation to the songs of sailors’ families throughout history and the sea shanties that express

emotions of sadness, hope, and joy.


Blue Hawaii   RDT  36

A magical night of love in Hawaii.  The color blue describes beauty. 

Contrast this use of blue with inferences in other songs.


Sail Along, Silv’ry Moon   FK  481

A simple text with a melody that coasts along with a repetitive 6-note rhythm

until “the whole world will seem brighter”, and then a return to the relaxed melody and 6-note pattern.



The White Cliffs of Dover   HD  133

Discuss the meaning of this text to the people who lived in the SE of England after WW2


All shades of Love, 

Blue Moon   RDT  13

It’s a talk to the moon – a complaint about feelings of loneliness contrasted with a

wonderful surprise or love – and the moon celebrates by turning to gold.


Deep Purple   RDT 32

The deep purple onset of nightfall bring vivid memories of a loved one who is away,

only to meet again in “my deep purple dreams.”  (A favorite song of Babe Ruth.)


Love is Blue   RDT 92

Blue – the world without you; grey – my life; red – my crying eyes, green – my jealous heart;

black – long nights.  Colors contrasted with the bright sun at the time we met.


Red River Valley   ATFS  71

This beloved folk song has been associated with the northern Red River Valley of Manitoba,

with the Red River of Texas, and even thought to have been brought over from Europe to Pennsylvania. 

It’s a song of goodbye to someone who will be greatly missed and a wish that out-of-sight will not be out-of-mind.  (song sheet)


Where the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day  FK   625

Two uses of the two colors. 


Mood Indigo   BSE 138 

An indigo (deep violet-blue) mood puts one further down in the dumps than just plain blue,

and all because “my baby said good-bye”.  Ever felt that way?  Does time heal?


By The Light of the Silvery Moon   HD  47

An oldie love song from 1909 with language of the period.


Blue Velvet   RYH  193

A 1951 Tony Bennett hit.  Another song of a love who left, leaving a vision of a blue velvet dress, and even bluer eyes. 

How do the words velvet and satin add to the description?


That Old Black Magic  MS  149

A descriptive text of what is it like to be spun in the magic of love.  Envision the scene described in each phrase. 

Ah, those wonderful feelings of falling in love!


Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White  FK  88

As two hearts intertwine in love, so nature allows the trees to merge as an affirmation.


Love is Blue

Blue is my world, grey is my life, red are my eyes, green is my jealous heart. 

Love brought the bright sun; the rainbow left when love died



Blue Skies   BSE  29

Irving Berlin wrote this song after a sad experience in his family.  The blue skies bring hope for better times ahead. 

The chorus is well known; include the verses.  Discuss times of optimism after sadness in personal and national life.


When the Red, Red Robin comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along  FK  628

The birds are out, the rain has stopped, the sun is shining again, and I am feelin’ good!


Scarlet Ribbons   RDT  106

A child prays for Scarlet Ribbons for her hair; none were available. 

The ribbons miraculously appear on her bed and no one knows how that happened. 

Discuss strange events, surprises, and miracles.  Why would a child choose scarlet?


‘Round her Neck she Wears a Yellow Ribbon  LP  161

An early song that presents the tradition of showing a yellow ribbon for someone far away.  (song sheet)


Blue Bird of Happiness   FK  62

Discuss the different perspectives of optimism in the two verses.  Vs1 is an independent perspective;

Vs2 expresses life in a relationship.


Look for the Silver Lining   RDT 56

Discuss the metaphor of a “silver lining”.  Why is this song of optimism still such a favorite?


White Christmas

Relate the optimism for hope and peace at the holiday season to the optimism of the young

Jewish immigrant, Irving Berlin, who wrote this song.  What do we really dream of having?  Why?


Songs and Colors


There’s a yellow rose in Texas I’m goin’ there to see;

No other fellow knows her, nobody, only me.

She cried so when I left her, it like to broke her heart.

And if we ever meet again, we never more shall part.



From this valley they say you are going;

We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smiles;

For they say you are taking the sunshine

That brightens our pathway a while.


Come and sit by my side if you love me,

Do not hasten to bid me adieu;

But remember the Red River Valley

And the one who has loved you so true.



‘Round her neck she wears a yellow ribbon,

If you ask her, “Why the decoration?”

She’ll say, “It’s for my lover who is far, far away.  


Far away, Far away, If she is milking cows or mowing hay

 ‘Round her neck she wears a yellow ribbon,

She wears it for her lover who is far, far away.



My wife and I live all alone, in a little brown hut we call our own.

She loves gin, and I love rum, Tell you what it is, don’t we have fun?

Ha! Ha! Ha! ‘tis you and me, little brown jug, don’t I love thee.

Ha! Ha! Ha! ‘tis you and me, little brown jug, don’t I love thee.



The Old Gray Mare, she ain’t what she used to be,

Ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be.

The old Gray Mare, she ain’t what she used to be, many long years ago


Many long years ago, Many long years ago

Oh, the old Gray Mare, she ain’t what she used to be,

Many long years ago

www.MusicByWoodSong.com   Permission to copy is granted.

    Songs and Colors©

Each of the song titles listed below includes a color. 

·        Do you know the colors?    

·        What do the colors in these songs represent?

·        Can you sing part of the song? 

·        Can you think of other song titles that include colors?

 1.          _______, _______Grass of Home

 2.          ________  ________Sands

 3.          _________and Sentimental

 4.          _________Bird of Happiness

 5.          _________Christmas

 6.          _________Cliffs of Dover

 7.          _________-eyed Girl

 8.          _________Hawaii  

 9.          _________Ribbons

10.          _________Moon

11.          _________Ribbons

12.          _________River Valley

13.          _________Rose of Texas

14.          _________Roses for a Blue Lady

15.          _________Sails in the Sunset

16.          _________Skies

17.          _________Star

18.          _________Submarine

19.          _________Suede Shoes

20.          _________Tango

21.          Bluer than __________

22.          _____Threads Among the _____

23.          __________Velvet

24.          Alice __________Gown

25.          Am I __________

26.          Ballad of the __________Berets

27.          Beautiful, beautiful _______Eyes

28.          Beyond the _________

29.          By the Light of the ________ Moon

30.          Bye Bye _________bird

31.          Cherry ____and Apple Blossom ___

32.          Deep ____________

33.          Five foot two, eyes of ___________

34.          It’s a _______World

35.          Jeanie with the Light _______ Hair

36.          Little ___________Apples

37.          Little ___________Jug

38.          Little ___________Lies

39.          Little Girl ___________

40.          Look for the _________Lining

41.          Love is __________

42.          Mood __________

43.          My ___________Heaven

44.          Old __________Joe

45.          On ___________Dolphin Street

46.          Put on Your Old _________ Bonnet

47.          Round her neck she wears a ______

48.          Sail along, ___________ Moon

49.          That Old _________ Magic

51.          The ___________Panther

52.          The __________Room

53.          The Old _______Mare

54.          Tie a __________Ribbon

55.          When the ____, ____Robin comes

56.          Where the _______of the night
            meets the _______of the day

by Dawn Wooderson©        www.MusicByWoodSong.com 

Permission to make copies is granted



    Songs and Colors – Answer Sheet©

   1.        Green, Green Grass of Home

   2.        White, Silver Sands

   3.        Blue and Sentimental

   4.        Blue Bird of Happiness

   5.        White Christmas

   6.        White Cliffs of Dover

   7.        Brown-eyed Girl

   8.        Blue Hawaii

   9.        Scarlet Ribbons

10.        Blue Moon

11.        Yellow Ribbons

12.        Red River Valley

13.        Yellow Rose of Texas

14.        Red Roses for a Blue Lady

15.        Red Sails in the Sunset

16.        Blue Skies

17.        Blue Star

18.        Yellow Submarine

19.        Blue Suede Shoes

20.        Blue Tango

21.        Bluer than Blue

22.        Silver Threads Among the Gold

23.        Blue Velvet

24.        Alice Blue Gown

25.        Am I Blue

26.        Ballad of the Green Berets

27.        Beautiful, beautiful Brown Eyes

28.        Beyond the Blue

29.        By the Light of the Silvery Moon

30.        Bye Bye Black bird

31.        Cherry pink & Apple Blossom white

32.        Deep Purple

33.        Five foot Two, Eyes of Blue

34.        It’s a Blue World

35.        Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair

36.        Little Green Apples

37.        Little Brown Jug

38.        Little White Lies

39.        Little Girl Blue

40.        Look for the Silver Lining

41.        Love is Blue

42.        Mood Indigo

43.        My Blue Heaven

44.        Old Black Joe

45.        On Green Dolphin Street

46.        Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet

47.        ‘Round - she wears a Yellow Ribbon

48.        Sail along, Silvery Moon

49.        That Old Black Magic

51.        The Pink Panther

52.        The Blue Room

53.        The Old Gray Mare

54.        Tie a Yellow Ribbon

55.        When the Red, Red Robin comes

56.        Where the Blue of the night meets
           the Gold of the day

More songs . . . _______________________________________________

                 by Dawn Wooderson©        www.MusicByWoodSong.com

                            Permission to make copies is granted 

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